Kids without supportive families are more likely to use alcohol and drugs.

because family matters.

Every child needs a warm, loving home with firm values & strong family traditions. Without this foundation, children face an uphill battle toward adulthood & a family life of their own. That's why we actively reach out to our children's families & provide them with experiences that impact, create bonds, & promote values.
Family Holiday Retreats
Periodic family weekend retreats allow our children to bring their entire families into the Kars4Kids family, giving their parents and siblings a taste of the care and warmth they experience all year. Spending time together in a relaxed atmosphere, families bond with each other and with mentors.

On major holidays, we invite our families to spend a few days together with us, where they enjoy the full flavor of a traditional holiday surrounded by knowledgeable families, clergy and counselors.
" My father and the people who made me who I am today were coming together for the first time, I wanted it to go well so badly… [after the holiday] he told me about all the staff members who had listened to what he had to say and responded with their heart. He began to understand the beauty that I’ve come to fall completely in love with. "
Charity Distributions
Without adequate financial resources, it’s difficult for people to focus on emotional, mental or spiritual advancement. Helping to enrich a family’s emotional and spiritual life starts with ensuring their financial stability.

Since our first coat giveaway in 2010, we’ve been responding to the needs of the community with various charity events and giveaways throughout the year. From backpacks and school supplies to clothing and food, every distribution helps us reach more families and children in areas of need.
" I pray to G-D, let me win the lottery, so I can give you guys back a little of what you gave us."
Cultural Activities and Community Outreach
Outreach by both professionals and mentors helps to connect our families with the programs and resources they need, and to ensure they stay on track. With ongoing support, our counselors and mentors intervene in times of crisis with wise guidance, hands on assistance and a plethora of resources to call on to prevent long-term disaster.

Anyone interested in learning more about Jewish tradition or history has the option of free, one-on-one telephone classes with volunteer teachers. Families from across the country avail themselves of this highly popular program.

Cultural events like the popular annual Hanukkah Concert bring the community together to celebrate cultural milestones and traditions.

" I've seen people from all walks of life all united, feeling so comfortable. I looked at everyone's faces & saw huge smiles..."
Rebecca, mom of Jonathon
Small Grant Initiative
We’re not the only ones doing great work for kids. The Kars4Kids Small Grant Program is dedicated to supporting educational initiatives around the world, helping us impact more children. Our committee is constantly on the lookout for likeminded charities which share our values and are working hard to make a difference in the areas of education and youth development. We encourage nonprofits to apply if they think they’re a fit and for individuals to let us know of nonprofits doing great work that they can recommend.
Public Service Campaigns
With its wide media network, Kars4Kids promotes child safety, wellbeing and advocacy through a variety of awareness campaigns and public service messages. By utilizing a variety of media formats and channels, we aim to maximize our reach.

The Kars4Kids Safety App was developed in response to the tragic rise of child fatalities due to Forgotten Baby Syndrome. The app uses Bluetooth technology to trigger an alert when the car is turned off, reminding the driver about the child in the backseat. The app and related awareness campaigns struck a chord with parents nationwide.

We publish educational materials for parents, culling from our own vast experience as parents and educators and from extensive research into topics such as mental health, learning disabilities and the usual issues all parents run into at one point or another.

Read our educational blog for parents:

A Matter of Facts
If you’d line up all the holiday packages we shipped out they'd cover the length of Manhattan.
500 people from 29 different cities attended our recent family retreat.