1 out of 3 leave high school without a diploma.

Kids involved in our educational series have a 92% graduation rate.

We've found that success in school which is the best foundation for success in life, has a secret formula: The right school + good support and follow up + learning and homework help = a happy student. These are the cornerstones of our educational support programs.
School Placement and Tuition Assistance

Choosing the right school is essential to a child’s success. For a child to flourish, they need a school that fits their skills and academic needs, family background, culture and personality. Our school placement program is geared toward Jewish children with little knowledge of their rich heritage. The schools we partner with are fine educational institutions with strong secular and Jewish studies curricula. As the switch to a new school may include an increase in tuition expense, our tuition assistance program is there to make sure that each child is financially able to attend the school that is best for them.

The Kars4Kids Choice in Education Student Grant was created for students not eligible for the school placement program. We are firm believers in parents’ rights to choose the educational system that is best for their children. Through our student grant, we help parents afford their ideal educational environments. We also offer GED funding to students in need.

"All you have done for my son as far as education and fun is just simply fantastic..."
Madlen, mom of Michael
Afterschool Learning
It’s common knowledge by now that every child learns differently. As much as teachers try to tailor their approach in the classroom to different learning styles, many children can benefit from the additional personal attention and one-on-one assistance a tutor or mentor can provide. Oftentimes, especially with the switch to a new school, even strong students could use a little extra help as well.

Whether over the phone or in person, mentors touch base every week to see how they can help our students thrive, be it brushing up on classroom material, a study session on a specific topic or just giving them the skills and confidence to succeed. Our mileage program rewards every minute of study time with cool prizes to incentivize students to put in their all. Every bit of effort and progress is an achievement to be proud of.
" I've been tutoring Natalie for over 4 years and we've climbed mountains.
R. Gross, Natalie's tutor
A Matter of Facts
We partner with 181 schools across North America.
92% of our students graduate high school with a diploma.
78% of 12th graders in our school program continue on to higher education institutes.