Ignorance Is NOT Bliss
JUL 20 Painting Workshop Our happy campers got to explore their artistic side! We taught kids the ba... see more >
JUL 11 Visiting Day Retreat Parents of campers and staff were hosted for a full weekend of activities, ... see more >
JUL 8 Law Officer Appreciation In gratitude for their dedication to keep us all safe, we invited local NY ... see more >
JUL 2 Woodworking Class Kids in camp were given the opportunity to develop practical know-how in wo... see more >
    3 Cool Kid-Friendly Treats to Make and Eat
    Here are 3 cool, kid-friendly treats to make and eat (plus some commentary on parents and summer vacation from a mother of 12 children). You're welcome! [] 
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    Posted on 7/29/2015
    Finding a Caregiver or Daycare for Your Child
    Finding a caregiver or daycare for your child can be a stressful, guilt-ridden experience. There is no perfect caregiver or daycare, one that will replace you. [] 
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    Posted on 7/17/2015