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SEP 20 Family Retreats

Hundreds of families are looking forward to the rejuvenating and inspiri... see more >

SEP 7 School Begins

Another school year begins for thousands of our students across the coun... see more >

AUG 9 Law Enforcement Appreciation

The Zone's hundreds of campers were proud to host the local representati... see more >

AUG 6 Visiting Day

Parents and relatives from all over migrate to the upstate camp to see t... see more >

    Critical Thinking Skills: Resources for Parents
    Critical thinking skills are among the greatest gifts a parent can give a child. Here are some free resources to help teach kids to question and think. […] 
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    Posted on 10/18/2017
    Bench Mark Program: Setting the Bench Mark for At Risk Youth
    Kars4Kids latest small grant recipient Bench Mark help kids climb out of a vicious cycle by having them lift weights. And guess what? It's working. […] 
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    Posted on 10/4/2017