Ignorance Is NOT Bliss
JUL 15 Internship Program Career minded high school graduates are working in our office this summer, ... see more >
JUL 4 Showing our US Pride Rocking our Red, White, and Blue see more >
JUN 29 Summer is Here! The long awaited 2016 summer camp sessions have begun, with lots of happy k... see more >
JUN 11 Family Getaway With the city starting to heat up, we hosted an extended weekend for close ... see more >
    Sensory Play: It's Summer!
    Sensory play is one way to keep kids learning while having fun over summer vacation. Learn why sensory play is important and create an edible sensory game! [] 
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    Posted on 7/20/2016
    National SAVE: Bully Prevention Not Intervention
    National SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) is combatting bullying and other forms of violence and has just received a small grant from Kars4Kids! [] 
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    Posted on 7/13/2016