Ignorance Is NOT Bliss
AUG 22 Visiting Day Campers and staff spend the day showing their families around camp, meeting... see more >
AUG 5 Session Season of Summer Another incredible summer camp season begins! see more >
JUL 19 Kids Can Kook A thoroughly enjoyable and educational class for teens, teaching cooking sk... see more >
JUL 17 Appreciate Law Enforcemen We held a dinner in our upstate campus to give our kids the opportunity to ... see more >
    Bullying And Its Flipside: Parenting The Bully
    All too often we read about tragic victims of bullying like Daniel Fitzpatrick. What you don't hear about is how to parent a bully. This is that article. [] 
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    Posted on 8/24/2016
    Rise Above: We Try to Say Yes
    Rise Above offers Massachusetts foster children a feeling of normalcy, of being cherished and loved, by providing for their wants, beyond strict need. [] 
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    Posted on 8/17/2016