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1.2 million kids leave school without a diploma each year. You can help us change that, one child at a time. By joining us as a volunteer, you can make a difference! There are so many ways to help: whether you mentor, fundraise, advocate or run an awareness campaign, we thank you.

Where do you come in?

Apply for a Grant

If you run a charity that helps kids, we may be able to help you. With our small grant initiative, we are able to share in good work done around the globe. more>


Make your voice heard! Make sure that your politicians are working responsibly toward a better future. more>


The first step to solving a problem is to know what you're up against. Find out what challenges are facing youth today and what you can do about it. more>


Are you a people person? Do you want to get involved in a hands-on way? Do you really want to make a difference? This is where you come in. more>