Shout it from the rooftops.

Everyone can do something to advocate for youth. Here are some ideas.

Support policies, programs and curricula in your local schools and youth organizations that stem the dropout crisis.

Show your support for local and national programs that facilitate education for youth.

Vote for state and federal educational initiatives that are beneficial for students.

Flood local media with letters and comments about how to help with education in your community.

Change Legislation

Change legislation

Make your voice heard by elected officials.
Contact your local government representatives about legislation that affects children. Let them know that you are paying attention to the bills they sponsor and vote for. Use your power as an engaged citizen to be a mouthpiece for the children.


Sign Your Name

sign your name

Add your signature to a petition.
Petitions use the power of the many to make change. Show your support for a better education for the world's children by signing your name to these important petitions. Share them with your friends to garner even more signatures.