We empower kids to be great.

Kars4Kids provides the foundation kids need for successful, happy and meaningful lives.

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$100 M to charity programs
32,000+ lives touched
180+ networked schools
30+ after school locations

We’re a national Jewish nonprofit providing mentorship, educational support and nurturing year-round environments. Whether it’s tailored care from staff in summer camp, the safe haven of afterschool groups, or a mentor's listening ear, we provide the support youth need to thrive.

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Volunteer. Mentor. Teach.

Bring the Kars4Kids vision to your community! You can have a part in impacting the future by volunteering your time and your energy for the youth in your area.
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Thousands of lives touched. The story of one.

Recent Events

Jan 09
Charity Distribution Household items, toys, and other items distributed to local families
Nov 29
Holiday Concert

Our annual concert goes virtual so more families can enjoy

Nov 19
Camp Reunion

Hundreds of campers enjoy a weekend together to reconnect and recharge

Nov 13
Chillzone 2022

Our long awaited after school program is underway!

Sep 20
Family Retreat

Families and mentors spend an inspirational holiday together.

Aug 05
Wilderness Adventure

Teens and staff spend a day learning skills and self confidence