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Dear ______________


Too often, our public schools fail our children. Twenty five percent of our students do not graduate on time, and that problem is even worse for 2,000 of our lowest performing schools. Even when students do manage to graduate, far too many are not prepared for either college or a career. The cost of this failure to all of us is staggering.


Our children deserve a world-class education that will equip them to compete in the global economy. I urge you to make education a top priority and take the following actions:


Invest in innovative teaching methods and models such as longer school days, technology and challenging curriculum that improve learning for all students.
Expand solutions that work so all of our public schools whether charter, magnet or traditional public schools can use these proven tools to teach our kids.

Ensure that parents have choices. Remove barriers to school choice, including lifting the caps on public charter schools and providing them with equitable funding and facilities.


It is possible to make all our schools great. I look forward to hearing what you are doing to improve our public schools.




Your Name