school age children spend 70% of their waking hours out of school

let's keep kids safe after school.

The key to a child's education is more than just learning in the classroom. What happens after school makes the difference in a childs success. After school programs provide safe havens for children to relax & study. Trips provide fun & meaningful experiences. A summer at one of our camps energizes a school year.
BFF, Bonding 4 our Future:  Mentorships
Mentoring is the heart and soul of all our programs, and the underlying mission of all our volunteers and employees. Whether someone is the cook at camp or the director of school placement, his mission is to take a personal interest in the success of each individual child.

Our mentors keep in close contact with our children. They get to know their parents and siblings, and often become valued friends of the family. If a mentor encounters a situation with which he needs assistance, our experienced educational and outreach directors are available 24 hours a day for consultation.

Every child benefits from a responsible, warm older friend on whom he can rely. We provide this precious asset for each of our children, and it is the key to their success.
KAMP 4 KIDS: Summer Camp
Summer camps have a positive impact on a child and creates memories that last a lifetime. That is why Kars for kids affords this opportunity to hundreds of kids each year. Whether providing scholarships at various summer camps, in addition to sponsoring two big, beautiful campuses in pristine country surroundings. City kids experience nature first-hand. Our facilities are second to none and our camper-to-staff ratio is an unbelievable two-to-one. Generous scholarships are offered to families that cannot afford the fee.
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" I love it with a HUGE passion cuz the campers & staff make you feel so extremely happy.
Josh C., camper
CHILLZONE: Extracurricular Programming
Kids need fun! The question has always been, what kind of fun? We make sure that it's exciting and action-packed while being safe and wholesome as well. The unscheduled downtime of long weekends can be a dangerous time for kids who are likely to become involved in risky activities. On the other hand, those same unstructured hours can provide the perfect opportunity to explore talents, expand their social network, review the weeks lessons and experience success.

The ChillZone weekly program ensures that our children have the opportunity to use "spare time" in the best ways possible. Pizza, prizes, entertainment and trips make these hours exciting, but it's the chance to just hang out with older mentors that keeps kids coming back week after week. With over 20 locations in cities across the country, and additional locations being added, ChillZone's network keeps growing.
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BOOK BUDDIES: After School Learning
Children often need personal attention and one-on-one assistance to overcome the ordinary learning challenges that every child faces. With a Book Buddy of their own, each child is given just the right amount of TLC for them to really flourish. With a weekly study plan that is individualized for each pair of Buddies, they can choose to focus on a subject that is best-suited for them. Whether it's simply reviewing the material they covered in school or learning something new, each pair of Book Buddies has a curriculum designed just for them.

The Book Buddies program also gives children a chance to earn cool prizes by rewarding their effort and progress, giving the kids a fun incentive to put their all into their work. Because every child has a unique learning style, every child can benefit from their own Book Buddy.
Macabees: Volunteer Leadership Program
Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders.
With proper guidance and direction each one has the potential to change the world. Kars4kids is training and inspiring a legion of dedicated teen volunteers who are the power supply for all of our programs. With our experienced backup and support, these volunteers are honing their leadership and team-building skills as they develop into tomorrow's leaders.
"The experience they have here is developing them to be giant leaders of the future."
Rafi, Program Coordinator
KARS FOR KIDS: Teaching life skills
Kars for Kids program gives donated cars to engineering and automotive technology programs at career and technical education schools across the United States. Using actual cars for demonstration and hands on work, students across the country will learn necessary skills to launch their careers and ground them in real-world professions.
A Matter of Facts
Our camp kitchen churns out over 150,000 meals during one summer.
We have over 1,650 volunteer mentors in our network.
1400 slices of pizzas are served weekly at our ChillZone locations.
Our Book Buddies logged over 5.2 million minutes of study time.