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spring weekend getaway

A fun weekend reunion.
Spring Weekend Getaway

Chillzone: Excercise & fun

Chillin’ with friends & mentors.

Backpack Giveaway

Distributing backpacks in NYC.
Kars4Kids Backpack Giveaway

Recent events

NOV 4  After School Program

Our popular and eagerly anticipated evening and weekend program has begun! Chillzone runs at close to 40 locations all over the country throughout the winter.

OCT 2  Autumn Retreat

Families and staff gather together for two days of intense inspiration and reconnecting.

SEP 5  Reunion!

Although camp may have just ended, our teen division got together for one last boost before school is to begin.

AUG 22  Visiting Day

Campers and staff spend the day showing their families around camp, meeting friends, and enjoying the amenities.

AUG 5  Session Season of Summer

Another incredible summer camp season begins!

JUL 19  Kids Can Kook

A thoroughly enjoyable and educational class for teens, teaching cooking skills for life (and some cool tricks).

JUL 17  Appreciate Law Enforcemen

We held a dinner in our upstate campus to give our kids the opportunity to show appreciation to the men and women who serve our communities to keep us safe.

JUL 15  Internship Program

Career minded high school graduates are working in our office this summer, gaining skills and knowledge from the professionals who run our varied programs.

JUL 4  Showing our US Pride

Rocking our Red, White, and Blue

JUN 29  Summer is Here!

The long awaited 2016 summer camp sessions have begun, with lots of happy kids, bunnies, horses, etc

JUN 11  Family Getaway

With the city starting to heat up, we hosted an extended weekend for close to 600 people (and ducks)

JUN 6  Kars4Kids Band in NYC

NYC residents got more than an earful of the Kars4Kids jingle on Sunday, as the Kars4Kids band paraded through the streets of ?Manhattan?

MAY 29  Rainbow Pack Grant

Riley Gantt, an inspiring teen, has been distributing free backpacks to kids in need. We have partnered with her worthy mission with a small grant.

MAY 6  Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated Mother's Day by gifting an inspiring mother - Rosa Finnigan - with 2 tickets to the weekend Yankee's game

MAY 2  Nothing Goes to Waste

The leftover produce from the holiday retreat was put to great use - and donated to the local school district to make more kids happy.