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spring weekend getaway

A fun weekend reunion.
Spring Weekend Getaway

Chillzone: Excercise & fun

Chillin’ with friends & mentors.

Backpack Giveaway

Distributing backpacks in NYC.
Kars4Kids Backpack Giveaway

Recent events

JUN 11  Houseware Distributions

Kars4Kids distributed toys, clothes, housewares and more to the local community.

MAY 28  Memorial Day Getaway

A wonderful pre-summer weekend was had by all, filled with recreation, relaxation, and inspiration

MAY 17  Family Time!

Families affiliated with our programs spent an uplifting weekend together in the upstate campus.

APR 24  After School Program

in over 30 locations around the country, kids and mentors gather together for a positive outlet, learning and fun!

APR 5  Holiday Retreat

An enjoyable and inspirational holiday was enjoyed by all, especially the families and young adults who joined us in the upstate campus. Besides for the recreational activities and delicious holiday fare, participants were warmed by the camaraderie (if not the weather!)

MAR 14  Baseball Clinic

Kids and mentors spend an afternoon together at the Barclays Center

MAR 8  Family Feast

Hundreds of families affiliated with our programs get together in Lakewood, NJ for a lively and uplifting holiday

MAR 5  Masquarade Party

Kids came in disguise for a pre-holiday party at each of our locations.

FEB 17  Parenting Workshop

"Chilling" isn't just for kids! We offered a two part parenting workshop to learn new techniques and skills for their most important job

Jan 21  After School Events

Kids keeping warm and connected through a brutal winter at any of our 30+ locations from coast to coast

JAN 16  Ice Cream Social

Perfect for the winter weather, kids spent the evening together "chilling" over ice cream, toppings, and activities

DEC 13  Holiday Concert

Over 1300 participants joined for a spirited holiday themed concert at Millenium (Master) Theatre, with presentations from popular celebraties as well as participants of our other programs.

DEC 7  Chillzone Retreat

Attendees of our many after school locations will be meeting up and enjoying an invigorating weekend together.

NOV 27  Talent Show

Participants of our camp and after school programs are invited to submit that talents for a chance to perform LIVE!

OCT 20  After School Program Begins

An exciting Chillzone 2017 is underway! At close to 40 locations, boys and girls look forward to evenings of learning, camaraderie, and good food.