most popular events


spring weekend getaway

A fun weekend reunion.
Spring Weekend Getaway

Chillzone: Excercise & fun

Chillin’ with friends & mentors.

Backpack Giveaway

Distributing backpacks in NYC.
Kars4Kids Backpack Giveaway

Recent events

dec 23  Holiday Concert

Thousands of attendees enjoyed a spirited night out in Brooklyn, NY

NOV 25  Keeping Warm

Our Chillzone program going strong, keeping students & mentors connected

OCT 29  Pizza Fun

Our after school programs keep kids safe and busy.

SEP 29  Uplifting Weekend

Families and mentors spend an inspirational holiday together.

SEP 20  Chillzone 2020

Our long awaited after school program is underway!

AUG 21  Talent Show

Building up our kids by showcasing their talents!

AUG 15  Trip to Six Flags

The kids enjoyed a thrilling day at the park

AUG 6  Backpack Giveaway

Kars4Kids teamed up with National Night Out in Newark.

JUL 30  2nd Session Begins

Off to another month of growing and fun for 100's of kids

JUL 4  Happy Birthday USA

Our kids join all Americans in wishing many happy more!

JUL 3  Camp Begins!

The long awaited Summer 2019 is underway

jun 25  Summer's Here!

Our hardworking staff is getting ready for nearly 1000 kids this summer

MAY 12  Wrapping up a season

Chillzone 2019 coming to a close, in time for a much anticipated camp se

MAY 2  Baseball Time!

Kids and their mentors spent an exciting evening together at the Mets.

APR 25  Family Retreat

Hundreds of families and kids enjoy a weekend in the beautiful campus