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    LDA St. Louis exists because children with learning disabilities arenít getting what they need in our public school classrooms. Thatís because our education system is designed to teach to the middle, to the average student. And if that means leaving gifted and poor students at least somewhat adrift, think what it means to the child with a learning disability. Children with learning disabilities probably need our help the most, yet are so often those getting the least help of all. Their parents, meanwhile, may not even know their children have learning disabilities. Even if parents suspect t [Ö]  more>

    Pacifiers may be a good or bad thing, depending on what expert is weighing in at the moment. Which is the problem with a lot of parenting advice. But as a mother of 12 babies who cried more often than not, I can tell you that pacifiers were a lifesaver for me. Pacifiers gave my babies the extra sucking they needed for comfort when their bellies were already full. A longer feeding would have meant more milk. More milk would have meant more gas. More gas would lead to even more crying. Besides, I had (and still have) a rather low tolerance for crying. The pacifier stopped the crying. That mea [Ö]  more>

    Whaley Childrenís Center is the kind of place that carves a notch into your heart and settles in forever. This is a place filled with love and warmth for kids who havenít known much of either. Itís a place where foster kids go between foster homes, and you better believe it: kids in foster care tend to get bounced around a lot. Now, kids deserve to be kids. They deserve to be accepted and loved unconditionally. When kids donít get that kind of acceptance and love, it affects them. Whaley tries to heal the unhealable, and give these children back [Ö]  more>

    All along, the majority position of Psychiatry has been that Psychiatry has nothing to do with religion and spirituality. Religious beliefs and practices have long been thought to have a pathological basis, and psychiatrists over a century have understood them in this light. Religion was considered as a symptom of mental illness. Jean Charcot and Sigmund Freud linked religion with neurosis. DSM3 portrayed religion negatively by suggesting that religious and spiritual experiences are examples of psychopathology. But recent research reports strongly suggest that to many patients, rel [Ö]  more>

    Our Piece of the Pie (OPP) is mentoring inner city youth in Hartford, Connecticut, taking them by the hand, listening to them, and pushing them to believe in themselves so they can get ahead and break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to OPP, many youths who would otherwise drop out of high school, not only stick around in school long enough to graduate, but go on to get some higher education. That means they can potentially vie for more white collar jobs. Which m [Ö]  more>

    Getting teens to listen to their parents can sometimes seem like the easiest job in the world. You lay down the law, they say, "Yes, Ma'am/Sir," and you breathe a sigh of relief. Until that moment a week or so later when you happen to drive past a group of teens and see your child smack dab in the middle of them, doing exactly what you said she shouldn't do. What she promised she would never do. Whether it's smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or wearing revealing clothing, you make the rules for a reason. You're trying to keep your child safe. But being that teens are teens, you [Ö]  more>

    The newest Kars4Kids small grant recipient is the Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services of Southern California. We like to tell our readers about the work of the various organizations we help. But this particular mental health and welfare agency is running so many important programs that it was difficult to know how to describe its good work to our readers. In the end, Hathaway-Sycamore suggested we choose one program for our spotlight. We settled on†more>

    The year 2016 is coming to a close and we're no closer to solving the problem of Forgotten Baby Syndrome (FBS). We know this because as the year comes to a close we find that the total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars in 2016 is actually higher than average. That number would be a very shocking 39 deaths, when the average is 37 deaths in one year. Yes. A full 39 infant deaths have occurred in 2016 (as of this writing) due to these babies having been left behind in cars. That's in spite of all the articles written to more>

    Cube-tastic just may be the answer to your prayers. That is if you've been stumped about what to buy that computer geek child of yours as a holiday gift. Similar to the ever-popular Rubik's Cube, Cube-tastic is a puzzle cube that combines augmented reality with a step-by-step solution guide. Made by Pai Technology, Cube [Ö]  more>

    The National Safe Place Network (NSPN) extends a lifeline to children on the run. We're talking children in crisis with no one to turn to and no place to go. NSPN makes sure there's an effective response system in place for these kids, an infrastructure to help them. Note that this is a national organization. In other words, when we say NSPN is helping kids in crisis, we're not just talking about helping children in a single location, but throughout the United States. NSPN helps build public and private partnerships to serve homeless and runaway chil [Ö]  more>