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    ReadBoston knows that one of the main obstacles to academic success is arriving at that first day in school without the necessary pre-reading skills.  So does Kars4Kids. Which is why ReadBoston is one of Kars4Kids' newest small grant recipients. A nonprofit organization, ReadBoston is dedicated to improving early literacy skills in very young, inner-city Bostonians. It's a mission we support because at Kars4Kids we know that the problem of underdeveloped early literacy skills is especially stark in low-in […]  more>

    The adolescent brain fascinates scientists and scares the living daylights out of parents of teens, everywhere. The scientists are excited because they can now actually see what is happening inside the brain, thanks to better imaging techniques. Parents are terrified because they suspect that the difference between a teenager's brain and an adult's brain can be deadly. Parents don't need statistics to understand that teenagers are prone to rash and extreme behavior. But if you really want to know, the more>

    Wildflowers are often the first sign that nature has rebounded after a devastating forest fire. This idea: that beauty can come in the face of devastation,  is the inspiration behind the creation of the Wildflower Camp Foundation, which sends bereaved children from the Greater Boston area to summer camp. Why summer camp? Losing a husband and parent hurts and while you're hurting, you must still take stock and rebuild the family unit and the psyche, too. This is not a small task, but one which can reveal inner strength and resilience. So […]  more>

    Thumb sucking is a problem in the older child. Parents know that their children need to stop once they get to a certain age. But parents may not know an effective way to make help their children break the habit. After all, it isn't easy to stop thumb sucking when a child has been doing it for years, ever since he or she was a baby. You may well wonder: why do babies suck their thumbs, anyway? And why is thumb sucking so addictive?

    We love giving out  money to worthy organizations. Which is why we were very happy when SCOPE, which stands for Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education, applied to the Kars4Kids small grant program. SCOPE has a unique mission, providing summer camp scholarships to kids who would otherwise be stuck in the city over the long, hot, dangerous inner-city streets of summer. But SCOPE scholarships are tied to academic achievement, which makes the program unique. Since its founding in 1991, SCOPE has sent over 20,0 […]  more>

    Some children find it difficult to swallow pills. Just how many children have this problem is unknown. What we do know is that for most children who find it hard to swallow pills, the problem persists through the teenage years and even into adulthood. That's if no one addresses the inability to swallow pills in a serious way.

    Inability to Swallow Pills: Parenting Fail?

    That's a shame, because research has shown that children as young as 6- […]  more>

    Leanne Joyce, at the age of 16, has accomplished more than most adults. A nationally-ranked jump roper, competitive swimmer, and gymnast, the 11th grader is also an honors student who will be taking four AP classes this year. All this in spite of the fact that Joyce was born with a congenital heart condition: aortic valve stenosis. At age 12, Leanne's cardiologist issued the devastating news that Leanne had to stop competing. Her heart couldn't handle the strain. Sports could actually kill her. Eventually, she would need valve replacements. Instead of allowing this new development to cru […]  more>

    Bullying victim Daniel Fitzpatrick, a thirteen-year-old boy, was in the news last week after taking his own life. Daniel tried and failed to get help but ultimately the system failed him. That's not what this blog piece is about. This piece is the flipside of that one. This piece is about parenting a bully. A sort of We Need to Talk About Kevin, writ large, complete with advice. That was a book […]  more>

    Rise Above is an organization that tries to make up for what it is most foster children have never had. Children, you see, should be protected and cherished, and most are. But when a child enters the foster care system, it's usually because of neglect or abuse. And that's as much an abuse of trust as much as of body and soul. It's damaging to the psyche. This is where Rise Above comes in, granting kids wishes beyond their needs. It's one way of telling these children what they so need to hear: "We love you enough to spoil you a little. We thin […]  more>

    We have a soft-spot for organizations like GOTRI, that inspire kids and give them confidence. That's why the title of this piece may seem familiar to you: we've written about Girls on the Run (GOTR) before, the organization that gives girls inner power by combining a motivational curriculum with a series of running events. That might lead you to wonder, "Why are you writing about them again?" The last time around, we—"we" meaning Kars4Kids, of course—gave a small grant to a local chapter of this worthy organization, the more>