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    Babies Cry, Okay?Should you let baby cry it out? Babies cry. Everyone knows it. Parents, on the other hand, may wildly disagree about whether or not it is okay to let a baby cry it out. Some parents think that letting a baby cry is good training. They think that a baby left to cry will learn to comfort and settle hi […]  more>

    Keeping Kids Quiet During ServicesKeeping kids quiet is never easy. Which is why some people think parents shouldn't bring children with them to worship in a synagogue or church. It's just a child's nature to talk, and a baby's nature to more>

    10 Ways to Help Your Child Do Better in SchoolHelp your child do better in school? What mother would say no to that idea? Sure, most kids start off the school year happy and excited and full of bubbly spirits. They come home wanting to tell you all about the new friends t […]  more>

    Polygenic Scores and What They Tell Us About the Way Siblings Learn Polygenic scores tell us how likely it is that a person's genetic structure is going to support that person's ability to get an education. In […]  more>

    Lice Lice are in the news. In fact, in the days leading up to the long-awaited first day of school, the news has been, um, lousy with stories about lice: lice that are more>