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    Easy Come Easy Go Money Man, can afford it   Can’t afford that fancy camera your teenager has been lusting over for months? There’s no shame in that. Even wealthy people budget. But you […]  more>

    kids and swearing Kids and swearing, or maybe you call it using “cuss words” or a more hoity-toity “profanity.” Should kids still be admonished about using curse words in our day and age? Or do we now live in a world where swearing is just colorful language that lets off steam--otherwise known as “sticks and stones […]  more>

    Cosleeping: Is It Safe? Cosleeping is the term used to describe a nursing mother and baby who sleep together in the mother’s bed, with the baby nursing on and off whenever the need arises. It’s nice because the mother doesn’t have to rouse herself out of a full sleep for every little whimper. Both are […]  more>

    Can Kids Get Better from Autism? Can kids get better from autism? The notion would seem to be a strange one. Part of what is devastating about receiving a diagnosis of autism for your child is the knowledge that this isn’t something that will pass with time. Yet, a more>

    spongebob1   When I was little, I spent weekend mornings watching Bugs Bunny, Wylie Coyote and the Roadrunner, and the Pink Panther episodes. It was a ritual I relished; and at the time, wasn't considered educational or hazardous. It just was something kids did on Saturday and […]  more>

    stare at the screen for hours, boy staring at screen Hyperfocus is something that anyone who has a child with ADHD will easily recognize as one of the hallmarks of the disorder. It’s what you call it when your child is so sucked into watching w […]  more>

    Unique Connection Unique Connection is a film clip that illustrates something we all know: that the more>

    brain language1   Our brains are designed to handle acquisition of multiple languages. So it's no surprise that young children, immersed in a bilingual experience, seem to absorb language more readily than adults. The reason why is partly structural, partly environmental. According to more>

    Stealth Dyslexia: Does Your Child Have An Issue? Stealth dyslexia is the term that’s used to describe children who struggle in school despite having average or gifted reading abilities.  Does your child have a larger vocabulary than most adults you know, but find it hard to use a pencil? Does your child read books suited to […]  more>

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, road rage occurs when "a […]  more>