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    Bullying victim Daniel Fitzpatrick, a thirteen-year-old boy, was in the news last week after taking his own life. Daniel tried and failed to get help but ultimately the system failed him. That's not what this blog piece is about. This piece is the flipside of that one. This piece is about parenting a bully. A sort of We Need to Talk About Kevin, writ large, complete with advice. That was a book […]  more>

    Rise Above is an organization that tries to make up for what it is most foster children have never had. Children, you see, should be protected and cherished, and most are. But when a child enters the foster care system, it's usually because of neglect or abuse. And that's as much an abuse of trust as much as of body and soul. It's damaging to the psyche. This is where Rise Above comes in, granting kids wishes beyond their needs. It's one way of telling these children what they so need to hear: "We love you enough to spoil you a little. We thin […]  more>

    We have a soft-spot for organizations like GOTRI, that inspire kids and give them confidence. That's why the title of this piece may seem familiar to you: we've written about Girls on the Run (GOTR) before, the organization that gives girls inner power by combining a motivational curriculum with a series of running events. That might lead you to wonder, "Why are you writing about them again?" The last time around, we—"we" meaning Kars4Kids, of course—gave a small grant to a local chapter of this worthy organization, the more>


    Only in its infant stages, the 21st century has already ushered in an era of promise, excitement, and advances. From paralyzed people walking again to children writing computer programs, the 21st century has opened up many doors that had previously been closed to us. One such door that has been thrown ajar is the one to our brains.


    It's one of our favorite letters to write: "Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that Science Camps of America has been awarded a $475 small grant from Kars4Kids! We loved reading about how you inspire teens to enjoy science and give them the opportunity to get some hands on outdoor science experience. We’re glad to have a small part in making these programs possible." Science Camps of America is just three summers young, and maybe that's why the curriculum sounds so fresh and fun. T […]  more>

    Maybe you know how to perform CPR, but do you know how to perform infant CPR? Most parents knows that babies, being small, need smaller amounts of nearly everything, ranging from food to shampoo to toothpaste to doses of medicine. With regard to medical care, however, it's important to understand that infants and children are not simply small adults. Children of varying weights and ages, for example, require varying amounts of medication which must be carefully calculated and administered. By the same token, when a baby requires emergency medical care, it's important to tailor that care […]  more>

    Sensory play is about playing games that stimulate the senses. Children use their senses to understand the world they live in. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste offer different ways for children to experience their surroundings. Sensory play is also important for developing the senses themselves. As children use their senses, they learn how to make sense of the various stimuli that come at them from different directions. A child who plays sensory games that involve sense of smell, for instance, will develop his sense of smell. The child will learn that some smells are […]  more>

    It's the kind of email we love to send out: "Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that National Save has been awarded a $500 small grant from Kars4Kids! Your organization appears to be doing incredible work in furthering the mission of violence prevention in schools and communities, creating more conducive learning atmospheres. We are especially inspired that the organization is led by students and volunteers. " SAVE stands for "Students Against Violence Everywhere," and Kars4Kids was very pleased to partner in this work by way of the Kars4Kids […]  more>

    Purposeful Parenting Month is upon us. That's because the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services decided that July would be it, the designated month for purposeful parenting. Why July? Because that's when kids are home for the long summer vacation. That means that parents have a chance to really talk with their children and have productive open discussions. Open communication between parents and children gives parents a chance to explain how they feel about a variety of issues, while supporting the child's growth and quest for independence. Does that sound a lot like […]  more>

    The Gary Comer Youth Center is, at first glance, a tangle of contradictions. It's a state of the art building—an architectural thing of beauty—smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood known for its poverty and crime. It's a center for inner youth founded by the guy who started Lands' End, purveyor of the preppiest of preppy white people clothing. And finally, it's the legacy of a local son, one who made it big but never forgot the people and the streets of his childhood; proving something more than loyalty to a memory, by building something right there at home to help them get ahead. Gary […]  more>