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    campfood4 What reminds you of camp? What camp memories are most poignant? Was it your bunk, your counselors, or friends? What foods do you still remember and relish decades later? Was it the camp songs? Was it the bug juice, camping trips, or the mess hall banquets? Do you want your children to enjoy the same experie […]  more>

    Brad Cohen Tourette Syndrome Foundation Awarded Kars4Kids Small GrantBrad Cohen’s Brad Cohen Tourette Syndrome Foundation recently applied for and received a small grant from Kars4Kids. We were happy to give him a hand with the good work he’s doing, advocating for those who have Tourette Syndrom […]  more>

    Shoplifting Teens: A Rite of Passage?Shoplifting teens are a dime a dozen. But not if you’re a storeowner. Over $13 billion dollars worth of retail goods are stolen annually. That’s someone at the top taking a heavy hit. Still, the phenome […]  more>

    camp2 It's that time of year when you begin to think about "gasp" summer and what you're going to do with the kids during the long, hot days of summer. When the kids were little, you splashed with them at the neighborhood pool. You schlepped them to half-day sports programs offered through the local community cente […]  more>

    Orchid ChildOrchid Child is a term used to describe a child who will do poorly or exceptionally well, depending on that child’s environment. As you might have guessed, the term brings to mind the orchid flower: a flower that requires special care, but under ideal circumstances, grows to become a thing […]  more>

    Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ODD Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is what you call it when your child argues just for argument’s sake, not just a few times a day, but consistently, in every case. You say that the sun sets in the West and he says, “No it doesn’t.” […]  more>

    teens rebel1   Rebellion is a normal part of adolescence. As children morph into pre-teens and then teens, they seek greater independence, push boundaries, oppose rules, argue more, reject authority, and detach from the people who love them most. You, mom and dad. The parents. And everything you believe in, […]  more>

    Easy Come Easy Go Money Man, can afford it   Can’t afford that fancy camera your teenager has been lusting over for months? There’s no shame in that. Even wealthy people budget. But you […]  more>

    kids and swearing Kids and swearing, or maybe you call it using “cuss words” or a more hoity-toity “profanity.” Should kids still be admonished about using curse words in our day and age? Or do we now live in a world where swearing is just colorful language that lets off steam--otherwise known as “sticks and stones […]  more>

    Cosleeping: Is It Safe? Cosleeping is the term used to describe a nursing mother and baby who sleep together in the mother’s bed, with the baby nursing on and off whenever the need arises. It’s nice because the mother doesn’t have to rouse herself out of a full sleep for every little whimper. Both are […]  more>