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    Riley Joy Gantt was ten years old when her class visited a school located in a low-income neighborhood. A young girl there told Riley how she wished she could get "skinny crayons" but her mom couldn't afford them. It was the first time Riley had been confronted with the twin concepts of poverty and need. That hurt. And that is where most ten year-olds would have left things: a sad story, something to sigh and tsk about. But not Riley Gantt. She wanted to know more. And more than that, she was determined to change the sad ending to a happy one, or at least to a happy beginning. And that's ex […]  more>

    Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), have you ever heard of it? We hadn't either, until we read about Parker Monhollon, a beautiful 8 year-old girl, a talented dancer, who was diagnosed with this inoperable brain stem cancer on January 15th, 2016. As it turns out, DIPG affects mostly children between the ages of 5 and 9. And that really sucks. Actually, it sucks anytime anyone gets cancer, but somehow it's so much worse when it affects a child. Especially one so bursting with life, as Parker certain […]  more>

    Hug a teacher is Kars4Kids' answer to the #ThankATeacher hashtag trending on social media during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-May7). What is "hug a teacher?" It's a platform we created where you can enter the name of that special teacher in your life and offer that teacher a hug. Let's face it, teachers aren't doing what they do for the money. They're doing what they do out of caring. We just don't think a day or a week is sufficient to show our more>

    A new dyslexia law has got Virginia educators and dyslexia advocates mighty pleased and excited. The new legislation, just signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe, calls for teachers to undergo training in dyslexia awareness. Teachers will have to take a single one-hour online course in order to qualify for or renew a license to teach. Can a brief one-hour virtual lesson for teachers make a difference in the classroom? Dyslexia experts say yes. Bec […]  more>

    10 Ways to Keep Angry Mommy AwayAngry Mommy is the mommy you shouldn't be, but sometimes you can't help it. That is if you're like most mothers. Kids push your limits when they're small, because they're testing their boundaries as independent people. Teenagers can mouth […]  more>

    Eye Focus, Getting Emotional, and Autism Eye focus and especially eye contact is, for most people, a way of connecting with people. It shows we like the person we're speaking with. Breaking eye contact, on […]  more>

    Girls on the Run (GOTR) does what it says it does: it inspires girls. And it does that by teaching them "to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running." The Southeast Washington State branch of GOTR  just happens to be the newest kid on the block, in terms of being Kars4Kids' newest small […]  more>

    Zika Freak Out: Stop it Before it Starts by Avoiding Mosquito BitesZika virus freaking you out? It's no wonder. Because it causes babies to be born with smaller heads. Which is freaky st […]  more>

    Bullies: The Names They Call Us And How The Hurt Can Change UsBullies were a fact of life for me growing up. I was different. I read a lot, I used big words. So I got picked on. This piece is my personal sto […]  more>

    Body Language Lessons: 4 Most Misread Toddler Signals Body language could fill in the gaps between what your toddler says and what you actually understand. That is if you understood his body language any better than you understand […]  more>