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    Homework is an area in which parents can have some influence over their children's education. At midway through the school year or any time at all, it's a good time to think about how we can tweak and refine all things homework. What are the best ways to remind and encourage children to do their homework? How can parents provide the best atmosphere for doing homework? From an educator's standpoint, homework is crucial. In order to cement the lessons learned in the classroom, there needs to be a gap in time between one lesson and the next. It is important to have a review of the work in betw […]  more>

    Critical thinking skills are one of the greatest gifts a parent can offer a child in today's world of too much information. As a people, we humans are bombarded by information coming at us from our various screens. How we relate to that information separates us into two groups. We are either intelligent, sensitive people, or we are "sheeple." Sheeple take in the data they see and hear and spit it back out at the world, without stopping to examine or assess the information in the first place. Being one with the sheeple means being ripe for manipulation. The sheeple drink in false propaganda […]  more>

    When Kars4Kids awarded a small grant to Bench Mark Program (BMP), the unbridled enthusiasm of its Founder and Executive Director Will Kiefer seemed to leap off the screen. At least that was the impression of those of us in the office as we read Will's thank you email. We just knew this was going to be a great interview. And anyway, a guy helping kids through weight-lifting? That had to be interesting. Right? This is a good one people. We're proud to have a hand in this work here at Kars4Kids. […]  more>

    Talking to my son about suicide was never going to be easy. But talking to my son about suicide when someone he actually knew died by his own hand is much, much worse. I discovered this to be the case when my teenage son's close friend's brother committed suicide some weeks ago. My son and I have what I consider to be a better than average relationship when it comes to parent and teen relationships. We can really talk about the issues that affect him because he knows I research and write this blog and that I understand how t […]  more>

    Childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past three decades, which is why any study that sheds light on why this is happening is a godsend to worried parents. Science Daily, at least, has told us why children in China are obese: it's because they go to bed late and have a shorter sleep duration. It's a start. So here's the deal: scientists from the University of Birmingham in the UK found that kids in China who go to bed at a late […]  more>

    You can’t manage ADHD with drugs alone. Anyone who has ever parented one of the 6 million children in the United States age 4-17 diagnosed with the condition knows that. But with school now back in session, frustrated parents and their children may be asking what more can be done to manage ADHD and its symptoms. Because taking drugs isn't enough, and may not even be the right way to go. ADHD is complicated. It makes learning difficult. That's why children with ADHD need a great deal of support from their parents, teachers, and school c […]  more>

    Project Rousseau mentors high school students from low-income homes. The nonprofit organization does this by pairing these students with college student volunteers. The organization is one of the newest recipients of a Kars4Kids small grant. It's work with which we most definitely wished to partner! As always, we like to tell our readers a bit about our small grant recipients. If you're a Kars4Kids donor, that makes you a partner with our small grant recipients, too! If you're not yet a donor, well, […]  more>

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a brief, quick-paced form of exercise, has been found to help school children perform better on tasks involving the working memory and cognitive control. You always knew that exercise was good for your child's mind and body. Something about getting blood and oxygen circulating to the brain. Scientists knew it too—knew exercise improved academic performance. Researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, however, decided to check if HIIT (short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by brief intervals of low-intensity […]  more>

    Effective communicators are the kind of people who, when they speak with you in private, you hang on their every word. Listening from the audience as they speak from the podium, you know you're being silly, but you feel they're speaking only to you. And it works both ways: when you speak to them, it feels like they're really listening—like they really hear you. Now you might not have thought about this, but wouldn't it be great if you could teach your child to have those skills: to be an effective communicator? It's true that some people are just born to be effective communicators. That doe […]  more>

    Children's Eye Health and Safety Month takes place in August. That's when children have either filed back into the classroom or are in the thick of getting ready to do so. It's a good time to think about their eyes, which are important learning tools. During the first three years of school, children are learning to read. After that, they're reading to learn. In other words: children are always using their eyes to learn. Since learning is so very visual, the smart thing to do is to bring your child to an eye professional for regular e […]  more>