kars for kids

Driving our childrens future

kars for kids

"Real cars,
real skills"

The Kars for Kids program aims to give young adults life skills to better prepare them for today’s workforce. By partnering with technical education schools we can help shape these children’s future.

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Kars4Kids is expanding its educational programs in a new direction with the implementation of the brand-new “Kars for Kids” initiative. This Kars for Kids program will be giving donated cars to engineering and automotive technology programs at career and technical education schools across the United States. Using actual cars for demonstration and hands on work, students across the country will learn necessary skills to launch their careers and ground them in real-world professions.


Kars 4 Kids is happy to partner with advanced learning institutions nationwide as a resource for educational materials. With this new Kars for Kids program, donated cars will create experiential learning opportunities for hundreds of students.


Though most cars donated to Kars 4 Kids are sold to fund educational programs, the Kars for Kids program literally gives cars, or rather Kars for Kids. In this program, the cars themselves facilitate education. It is well known that experiential, hands-on learning is far more effective than purely theoretical classroom learning. Our cars make that possible for hundreds of students in vocational programs and career schools.

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