Add your muscle power.

Join our network of thousands of volunteers who are out there making a difference. Being a volunteer can mean so many things, so no matter what your strength is, you can get involved.
Whether you choose to mentor a child or help us distribute coats or even videotape our latest events, the volunteer work that you do will help us achieve our mission. So be a hero and start making the world a better place.
NJ Chillzone
After-School Program in NJ

Run an After-school Program

Start your own program for kids
The unscheduled hours after school ends can be a dangerous time for kids. But those very same hours can be used in very powerful ways. We'll teach you how to organize and run a successful afterschool program that will teach kids important life skills while they have fun.

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Ayala, Raizele
Mentor and Child

Mentor a child

Be a hero for a child.
Share your life with a child and make a real difference in a life. Children need someone to look up to, someone to whom they can confide their challenges and struggles. You can be that role model. Your personal involvement, your love and care, are the greatest gifts you can give a child.

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Cory Booker
Cory Booker in Kars4Kids Cap


Be an active participant in charity
There are lots of volunteer opportunities available for people who truly want to help. Bring your unique strengths and talents to a cause you believe in. It’s incredible to see how much good one person can do.

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